You are not running the latest version of the BattleMentat script - install it to add links to BattleMentat from your espionage reports. (Full instructions here.)
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Update News!
  • Updated to recognise https sfc pages (update to the most recent version of the BattleMentat script for espionage reports to get the link added again)
  • Fixed the copy button (I accidentally broke it on the last update)
  • My apologies for not getting round to answering emails for many months now. When I initially created BattleMentat I had no kids, and I now have 3. They have not helped my productivity.
  • This is an important one - added support for very large numbers (the calculations were previously breaking when numbers got into the quadrillion range). This was a bit tricky to sort out, so let me know if you find any bugs!
  • Swapped over from using SI suffixes (k/m/g/t/p/e/z/y), to using the now more standard way of expressing large numbers in games (k/m/b/t/q/Q/s/S/o/n/d). If there is demand, I can make the type of suffixes to use be configurable.
  • Added initial support for universes Extreme 3, Extreme 4, Nova 3, and Conquest 4. Until somebody lets me know otherwise, I am assuming that the universes are the same as the ones that preceeed them (ships, speed, debris etc.), and that the domain names being used follow the same pattern as previously.
  • BattleMentat has now been used more than 10 million times!
  • Eradon effect in Dionysus and Zagreus reduced from 10% to 5%
  • Replied to about 100 emails. If you've not heard from me, and have an issue that is outstanding, please send me another email and I'll try my best not to ignore it this time!
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